Rex Palarum - Text and Browser-Based Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game

Dev note

Note: This game is in Beta - Some features are published, but development is in progress and testing is ongoing of the many features of this game. You are welcome to create an account and follow us on this journey, just keep in mind that some of the functionality is Work In Progress and you may come across bugs and errors.

The Story

The seals between worlds have been broken by unknown entities.
Abominations are invading the Earth from faraway worlds of darkness and magic.

The United Nations has formed the UNMDA (Multiverse Defense Agency) under the leadership of Xenobiologist Dr. Nuruddin and Ambassador Craig Comeau
to investigate these new alternate dimensions and realities,
develop technologies and weaponry to protect the Earth,
and seek out brave heroes and heroines from the Earth and beyond.
These individuals must be willing to put their lives on the line for the greater good.
They are the multiverse's last hope to prevent Armageddon.

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